Graphical User Interface


A graphical user interface is used to control and monitor KORUZA v2 Pro units.
KORUZA v2 Pro Graphical user interface

Camera Video Feed

A live video feed of the Primary Unit camera is displayed at all times. The camera window contains a clickable overlay, which is used in the Unit Calibration step.
KORUZA v2 Pro live video feed and overlay

Primary Unit Control Panel

This section enables control over the Primary KORUZA v2 Pro unit.
Primary Unit control panel

RX power monitor

The upper left part of the control section contains a rx power indicator, a numerical display of rx power in mW and dBm and a LED toggle switch, which toggles the LED of the KORUZA v2 Pro unit.
Rx power indicator and LED control

Motor position monitor

The upper right part of the control section displays current motor X and Y position in steps.
Motor X and Y position display

Manual unit control section

This part enables manual user unit control. The user can select the number of steps they want the motors to move. Predefined step sizes can be selected from a drop-down menu:
Manual unit control section
To control the KORUZA v2 Pro Primary unit manually, either the mouse or the W, A, S and D keyboard keys can be used.
    W - Move Up
    A - Move Left
    S - Move Down
    D - Move Right
Homing is used to re-center the motors at position (0, 0). The user must confirm their selection before homing start:

Secondary Unit Control Panel

This section provides control over the Secondary KORUZA v2 Pro unit. The section is identical to the Primary Unit Control panel section, except for the keyboard control.
Manual control is done using:
    Arrow Up - Move Up
    Arrow Left - Move Left
    Arrow Down - Move Down
    Arrow Right - Move Right
Secondary unit control panel


GitHub - IRNAS/koruza-v2-ui
KORUZA v2 User Interface Repository
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