Link Configuration

Before the link is ready to be shipped a few important steps are to be performed. Namely, making sure all values are set in the configuration files.


Edit the ./config/config.json/ file and set the following:
  • unit_id - Unique KORUZA v2 Pro unit identifier
  • version - Do not set manually - will be set when KORUZA v2 Pro updates
  • cloud_config - Configuration regarding the InfluxDB data logging
  • link_config - Configuration regarding the low-data secondary communication channel between both units


After the calibration process unlock the file for editing with sudo chattr +i ./config/factory_defaults.json and copy the contents of ./config/calibration.json to this file and to koruza_v2/.factory_defaults.json. After you are done lock the file with sudo chattr -i ./config/factory_defaults.json
Below is the default .factory_calibration.json file.
"calibration": {
"offset_x": 0,
"offset_y": 0,
"zoom_level": 1
"camera_config": {
"X": 0.0,
"Y": 0.0,
"IMG_P": 1.0