General Overview of Mechanics

Mechanical Specifications

Key components of KORUZA v2 Pro mechanics
Outdoor enclosure (material)
Anodized aluminum
Vertical/horizontal pole up to diameter 60 mm
Approximately 2 kg
180 mm × 120 mm × 120 mm
Operating Temperature
-40 °C to 60 °C
Outdoor rating
The internal design of KORUZA v2 Pro units is seen in the Internal Design chapter.

Motorized Beam Positioning

KORUZA v2 Pro units much like other FSO systems perform real-time auto-alignment. Mechanically, the system has to allow for the whole optical channel to rotate in 2 DOF (rotation in horizontal and vertical directions). With this the whole optical channel rotates (the lens, SFP module and camera).
Motorized beam positioning.
The units move with the help of a pair of unipolar stepper motors.
KORUZA v2 Pro stepper motors


In this repository you can find STEP files for KORUZA v2 Pro and KORUZA v2 TRANSPARENT.