System Description

Like fibre-optic cable. But wireless.

What is KORUZA?

KORUZA v2 Pro is a wireless free-space optical (FSO) communication system that serves as an alternative to laying fibre-optic cable. It is a low-maintenance, interference-free operation, designed for industrial and urban areas and can be rolled-out with minimal infrastructure investment.
Data is securely transmitted over a collimated laser beam at 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps transfer speed at distances up to 150 m. KORUZA v2 Pro is using an eye-safe IR laser beam.
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Examples of Use-Cases

  • Optical communication systems in urban areas (replacing expensive installation of fibre optic cable, campus connectivity)
  • Industrial sites (cable-less cranes, manufacturing facilities)
  • Public infrastructure (railway applications, high data throughput applications)
Possible uses of KORUZA v2 Pro

Single KORUZA v2 Pro unit

Basic Optical Specifications

Link Distance
Up to 150 m
Optical source and detector
SC SFP WDM Bi-Di module with DDM
Matched pair at 1330 nm/1550 nm
Transmitter power
0 dBm
Receiver sensitivity
-23 dBm
1 Gbps or 10 Gbps
Laser power
< 1 mW
Beam divergence
0.05 mrad
50 mm NBK7 Plano-convex lens
Receiver field-of-view
10 mrad
Laser Class
1M (eye-safe)
Clear day (10 km+ visibility)
0 dB
Moderate fog (500 m visibility)
1 dB
Dense fog (100 m visibility)
4 dB
Very dense fog (50 m visibility)
10 dB
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